ASL’s airport portfolio is proof of our understanding of how airports work, both for travellers and staff. Ranging from analogue-to-IP legacy solutions to the VIPEDIA range, our latest generation of digital, networked audio distribution,­ our airport installations are tried and tested for reliability and quality where it matters.

Our specialist gooseneck microphones for this industry have been designed to streamline gate announcements in IP65-rated, vandal-resistant stainless steel chassis mounted into the gate podium, and are complemented by handheld radio mics for use in corridors, tunnels and runway checkpoints that connect passengers with the aircraft. Airports also benefit from our Dynamic Ambient Noise Sensing (DANS) systems that respond to the levels of background noise in a given area and adjust the levels of voice messaging accordingly. ­

When allied to our fibre-optic IP networking, ASL creates incredibly flexible and reliable EN54 PA/VA systems, with multiple nodes, across the huge terminal spaces encountered in this industry. iVENCS 2D or 3D GUI control surfaces can offer the system user advanced timed messaging and interfacing capabilities – our networks are fully compatible with AODBs, using the same interface technology for automated messaging updates.


You can read about our work with Gatwick Airport in our case study.