With commercial environments, office blocks and high rise buildings are becoming larger and taller with every new development. there is now a greater need for highly reliable security systems to keep the visiting public and staff safe, and to evacuate people quickly and safely in an emergency.

Phased Evacuation

Voice alarm is used for phased evacuation in commercial environments, by evacuating just a few zones or storeys at a time. This is crucial for effective evacuation procedures in large, high rise and multi storey sites, where traditional alarms such as fire bells can cause confusion, congested escape routes, and longer evacuation times.

Pre-recorded, spoken voice alarm messages generated by a an ASL system direct people out of a building via a planned exit route, depending on where they are situated within the building. Certain zones or areas of the buildings can also be manually selected by emergency services to alert each area one at a time, to avoid congestion of stairwells and exit routes and to prevent panic. Phased evacuations are expertly managed by the storage of multiple messages that are configured to play to specific zones around the building, and with keeping announcements tightly synchronized with third party fire safety systems and digital signage.


Why ASL?

ASL Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) systems meet the highest standards of voice alarm and safety communications. Our systems are suitable for a wide range of commercial premises, from factories and warehouses, to high rise office blocks and skyscrapers. ASL’s Vipedia rack solution offers a high power, high redundancy system, with ASL’s unique secure loop technology and automatic standby amplifier switching via the V2000 amplifier range.

Alternatively, ASL’s all-in-one PAVA wall-mount INTEGRA solution suitably caters for high rise buildings, office blocks, and commercial sites, that perhaps already have an existing life safety system but require a replacement. The INTEGRA can prove to be a more cost effective solution for commercial environments with lower installation costs and less storage space required than a rack system.

IP networking is now becoming a more common requirement of commercial solutions. ASL’s IP based PAVA solution is designed to be highly flexible and uniquely effective by distributing nodes around a building, both vertically and horizontally, allowing for huge savings on cabling costs.

Building Management

ASL’s PAVA systems can be combined with ASL’s award-winning iVENCS Control System for comprehensive building management. The control system allows multiple users from various workstations to simultaneously monitor a multitude of subsystems, including fire detection and safety systems, CCTV, access control, telecoms, network monitoring and more.

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