The nuclear power industry demands the highest standards in safety and security, with complex evacuation procedures and additional visual communication and signage requirements; making a flexible and reliable Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) system top priority. ASL systems provide added reinforcement to the high-security infrastructures at nuclear power stations, and are fully compatible with reassurance tone requirements for safety-critical sites.

In environments with high volume levels such as nuclear power stations, we can combine our audio solutions with visual communications devices and systems including digital signage and beacons. ASL’s range of analogue, digital, and IP networked EN54-certified PAVA systems are ideal for these safety-critical sites, as they offer supreme levels of reliability in an application where there is no room for compromise on safety.

Each VIPEDIA-12 router module, as part of our latest range of digital, networked audio distribution, can store up to 64 different emergency messages and up to 40 minutes of stored messages; making an ASL solution ideal for complex, varied and sophisticated evacuation procedures.

For advanced control of a system, the VIPA-WS touchscreen GUI includes a facility manager, which enables the ability to add text-to-speech and contains a larger library of messages, plus allowing for instant viewing of system statuses across the site.