ASL is the proud sponsor of a team of experienced racing cyclists, based in Lewes, East Sussex. Paul, Stuart, Matt, Peter, Mark, and Jed make up the team, led by manager John Powell. The team takes pride in taking on juniors, aged 16-18, and coaching them to world class level, where alumni have gone on to compete on a global stage alongside Bradley Wiggins and partake in races as far as Tokyo. A current junior member is training with the goal of taking part in the Tour de France.


The senior team compete on a regular basis in all race categories, including complex and large Regional A races. Mark Emsley has a special place within the team, having won the Brompton World Championship three times to date, beating famous professional riders such as David Millar.


Team ASL are planning a great campaign for the year ahead, looking to compete in local high quality events including the Tour of Sussex, BEC CC National A, London Nocturne and the Beachy Head Classic, and possibly racing in Belgium and France. ASL are delighted to sponsor the team alongside co-sponsors Reflex Nutrition, Conti Tyres, Milltag and Kinesis Bikes, with a view to supporting collaborative sport and to play a greater role in helping up and coming sports people in the local community.


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Matt Butt
Team Cyclist

"There is nothing like the thrill of bike racing. Either on the road or on the track, just the sound of the wheels buzzing brings me so much enjoyment. Riding and racing around a supportive group of guys brings not only confidence but makes things a lot more fun.

Living and cycling in London my morning commute often feels like a Belgian Kermis. Hectic, fast with high levels of concentration."

Peter Morris
Team Cyclist

"In 2017 I'm looking forward to racing with a well refined and tuned team. Last year we had some very good results and built some strong brotherhood bonds in the team.

My personal targets for 2017 are a great team and personal result in the Tour of Sussex, refining and improving my time trailing and providing support for my team mates."

Mark Emsley
Team Cyclist

We are pleased that Mark Emsley is staying on for another season. This talented rider is working hard and will no doubt bring more awesome results in 2017! Having brought some fantastic results in 2016 and 2015, we are excited to watch this rider grow.

“I’ve been with the team for one season, and it was my first full season of racing on the road. I came from a successful season of time trialing in 2014, so had a steep learning curve ahead of me, with much of the season working on craft to supplement the engine. 2015 did lead to a couple of top 10 overall finishes (the Tour of Sussex & the Eastbourne stage race) and finishing as ‘1st Sussex rider’ on the Surrey League rankings, but by far the highlight was the very successful team trip to the Alps to train and watch the Tour de France.

With aims to such as the Tour of Sussex and the London Nocturne, onboard the excellent Kinesis Aithein and fuelled up with Reflex Nutrition… 2017 is going to be big for Team ASL.“

Paul Newsome
Team Cyclist

“After competing in Triathlons for a couple of years, representing my age group at the European and World Championships I made the switch to road racing last year with some notable performances. This year I hope to really step it up. The big goal for me and the team will be the Tour of Sussex, London Nocturne, SERRL stage race and other local road races. I also plan to spend some time racing in Belgium.”

Jed Williamson
Team Cyclist

Jed joined late in 2015 and we are proud to have him on board and looking forward to working with him again in 2017.

"I’m 28 and have been riding bikes of one kind or another since I can remember; dirt jumping, street, mountain, cyclocross and road - it’s something I’ve always loved doing. I started racing in 2012 and it quickly became a huge part of my life. I love training and racing in equal measure which means I’m always motivated to go out and ride. After a difficult year, this season I hope to be back to my best and winning races in 2017 alongside my ASL teammates!"

We are looking forward to seeing Jed support our cause in reducing blind spots through the use of surround view.

Stuart Harvey
Team Cyclist

"I have been racing bikes since the age of 13. I started of mountain bike racing and worked my way through to Expert/Elite level.

About 9 years ago I wanted a new challenge and started road racing where I achieved my 2nd cat licence. I have been racing with Team ASL for the past 5 seasons now.

In 2017 my focus is the local town centre crits, the London nocturne and to support my team mates at the Eastbourne festival and Tour of Sussex.
I will also compete in my local evening racing at Goodwood."

John Powell
Team Manager

"Having been competing in cycle racing from the age of 8 (31 years in 2017!), and although I have never been higher than a 2nd category, I feel my experience and knowledge brings a good dynamic to the team.

I have worked really hard to get myself in race condition again, with a view to helping the team as a super domestic.
My aims are to be competitive in all events that I ride in, and perhaps grab a victory or two along the way.

I am proud to be wearing the Team ASL kit for 2017, and still pleased to be using Reflex Nutrition products and on a Kinesis Bike."