Oil & Gas safety and evacuation systems are required to comply with specific rules and regulations for sites dedicated to the production of oil and gas, THAT OFTEN GO BEYOND TYPICAL SAFETY REQUIREMENTS.

Why ASL?

We understand the need for reliability and robustness in more challenging environments associated with energy production, and the importance in providing higher levels of security and functionality in voice alarm that typically exceed regular requirements.

ASL has worked on designing highly redundant, network-controlled public address and general alarm (PAGA) consoles specifically with the oil and gas industry in mind. Our custom solutions include IP65-rated, stainless steel, dual-redundant microphone stations with touchscreen operation, for day-to-day monitoring of multi-platform and rig alarm statuses.

ASL’s V2000 amplifier range conforms to the centralised, 48V backup power supply that is common in the petro-chemical industry. ASL systems and microphones are also fully compatible with ATEX-compliant third party security products, and integrate seamlessly with other safety and alarm systems for rigs and platforms.

Site Management + Control

Full control of announcements is paramount, and our iVENCS Control System has been designed to manage site-wide security – commonly required in oil and gas facilities. Specific zones can be selected from the touchscreen to make announcements, and the equipment is backed up by multiple redundant IP-networking to ensure fail safe control.

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