The need for safety and control at stations is becoming ever more crucial, with an increasingly greater number of people using railways and metro systems as their main method of transport.

Why ASL?

ASL has long been a global leader in the provision of public address and voice alarm (PAVA) equipment and systems for the rail industry. Throughout our history we have continually delivered fully built and tested PAVA systems to the highest standard for key rail hubs around the world – from our analogue-to-IP legacy solutions, to the VIPEDIA range with our latest generation of digital, networked audio distribution products.

Our intelligent public address routing enables the consistent stream of announcements with minimal effort, while ASL voice alarm systems ensures calm and timely evacuation of passengers – keeping panic at bay.

ASL’s Long Distance Solution

ASL’s aptitude for delivering sound over long distances began with ASL’s Long Line Public Address (LLPA) solution for the rail market. The LLPA solutions enables rail operators to manage an entire network’s PAVA requirements simultaneously, across multiple stations and interchanges.

ASL’s LLPA solution supports traditional analogue routing as well as AoIP, making an ASL PAVA system the ideal solution for rail applications spanning many stations and lines.


Sector-Specific Design

At ASL, we design and manufacture a range of products designed specifically for rail applications, including IP65-rated and vandal-resistant Station Announcement Points (SAP02 and SAP03) as well as handheld Radio Microphone Transmitters (RPA) with wireless connectivity, which are in constant use across the London Underground network.

DANS Technology

It can be difficult to ensure intelligibility of announcements in busy interchanges and on train platforms that frequent sudden, large changes in background noise, with continuous train arrivals and departures. ASL’s Dynamic Ambient Noise Sensing (DANS) technology responds rapidly to the constant variation in volume levels. The volume of announcements are continuously adjusted as they are being made, in accordance to feedback received from sensors placed throughout the station, that constantly monitor background noise levels in real time and across multiple zones.

Award-Winning Station Management System

ASL’s award-winning iVENCS Control System offers LLPA management across multiple stations. The ability for operators to login from workstations situated in any operation control centre allows for fully decentralised control. With the option of full integration with Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) and other subsystems found at railways including CCTV, fire detection, help points, network monitoring and advertising displays, iVENCS provides an all-in-one station management solution.

With successful installations at over two-thousand stations to date, and our products being given special approval by major rail operators internationally, ASL equipment can be fully relied upon to keep passengers and staff safe, informed and protected at all times.


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