In busy, crowded areas typical of retail districts, the public need clear guidance in the event of an emergency ON EXITING VIA the nearest or safest route, to avoid panic and ensure safe evacuation.

ASL provide public address and voice alarm (PAVA) solutions for all types of retail environments. Our systems can be used for a variety of purposes: to broadcast background music, emergency messages, and even play coded messages to alert staff of a potential security threat or situation that requires specific action or urgent investigation.

A reliable PAVA system gives peace of mind to retail managers and allows shoppers to continue with their day undisturbed.

Why ASL?

For retail environments with vast open spaces, ASL rack based systems can form a larger, distributed IP based system that is well suited for covering expansive areas. And with the latest Vipedia technology, ASL equipment can interface directly with line array loudspeakers that are commonly found in larger, open areas of a mall.

For shops within malls, or for independent stores, the INTEGRA all-in-one system is more than sufficient, and is an ideal solution for retrofit applications.

Alongside safety aspects of ASL systems, retail managers can also play promotional messages throughout stores and malls, whether broadcasting pre-recorded DVA messages or and live announcements, which combines with the EN54-certified voice evacuation functionality quietly standing by in the background, ensuring shoppers are protected around the clock.

ASL’s Ambient Noise Sensing (ANS) technology ensures announcements are always delivered at the right volume level and can be heard clearly throughout the day, despite the constantly changing ambient level noise levels typical of shopping centres and large stores.

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