Stadiums have much broader requirements than they used to, with holding sports competitions, concerts and events all year round, and being built with increasingly larger seating capacities than before.

Stadiums are vast spaces, and more commonly have the seating capacity to hold tens of thousands of people for any one event. With large crowds, relatively narrow exit routes and security paramount, the need for a fully reliable and efficient Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) system is crucial.

Why ASL?

The Vipedia range, ASL’s latest generation of digital, networked audio distribution equipment, provides pro-audio levels of sound reinforcement and exceeds quality thresholds for voice alarm. The Vipedia routing structure alone can simultaneously handle both PA and VA requirements of a stadium, integrating both the messaging and daily programme content within a single distribution backbone. Vipedia products also provide full compatibility with any third party performance systems through a variety of protocols.

VIPEDIA-12 routers have a +20dB audio output that ensures delivery of the supreme sound quality that modern stadiums require. Included is third party, active line array dispersion for large areas, all directly from the unit itself. The VIPEDIA-12 can programme monitoring signal, delays and 10-band parametric EQ into a signal path, making the VIPEDIA-12 a staple component of a combined PAVA and commercial audio solution for stadiums.

Site Management

For full control of the site, the VIPA-WS offers a PC-based touchscreen graphical user interface to control and manage other subsystems found around the stadium, including help points, steward’s phones and CCTV.

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