Evacuation from roadS and tunnels is a complex task. When in a tunnel, people need CRYSTAL clear instruction on what actions to take in a CHALLENGING acoustic space.

With sophisticated routing, fibre optic connectivity and sufficient battery backup, ASL public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems for road and rail tunnels ensure crystal clear intelligibility and availability around the clock, ready to be relied upon in the event of an evacuation.

Why ASL?

ASL’s VIPEDIA-12 router provides up to 60 seconds of delay for time alignment purposes. Routers can be connected via fibre optic cables, and placed up to 2000m apart with multi-mode or 10000m apart with single-mode fibre. The VIPEDIA-12 also offers equalization on every output that can match the loudspeakers being installed.

The V2000 amplifier is designed with an inbuilt power supply and charger, so that racks can be distributed and yet be fully EN54-16 compliant. The inbuilt batteries offer 24hr batter backup, and take up less than 12U of rack space.

The EAP01 IP65-rated microphone is designed to be operated with ease, and can be placed at tunnel entrances for easy access by emergency services.

Site Management + Control

For monitoring and control, ASL’s VIPA-WS stores Digital Voice Announcements (DVA) ready for broadcast, and then constantly monitors the status of every ASL device and loudspeaker in the tunnel – an essential feature for a system that has extended periods of standby time.

The ASL solution can push system status information to a SCADA system. Alternatively, for full site control ASL’s iVENCS Control System can be used to fully manage all telecom subsystems from one or multiple workstations.

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