A&B Ceiling Speaker


  • Ideal for higher security systems
  • For offices and larger areas with false ceilings
  • Metal grille and firedome
  • Dual cones offer same level of redundancy as two speakers
  • EN54-24 Certified


The A&B ceiling speaker contains two inbuilt speaker chassis and cones, forming two mechanically separate speakers within the housing, creating a dual redundant speaker and providing full independent A&B operation at a lower cost. Encased in shock resistant housing, the A&B speaker is powder coated and rated to IP21C ensuring long term protection and resistance to corrosion. Quick and easy ceiling mounting is provided through the use of spring clamps, for ceilings between 10mm and 45mm thickness, and an inner ring attachment prevents the grille from falling after installation.

Being EN54-24 certified, the A&B speaker is the ideal speaker solution for applications where both sound quality and safety are a priority.


Product Code
Power (W)
Voltage (V)
Adjustment Power Tappings
EN54 certified?
SPCF-AB-12W-80-EN5412W100V2x6W, 2x3W, 2×1.5W8″ / 200mm diameter


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