The BMB01 I/O expander provides additional contact interfaces into the PAVA system. It is compatible with VIPEDIA, VAR and iPAM ranges and is typically used to add additional:

  • Ambient noise sensors (ANS)
  • Fire panel interface inputs
  • Fault or zone-busy status outputs
  • Volume control inputs


The BMB01 connects to a host device such as VIPEDIA-12 using an RS485 bus – enabling up to nine BMB01 units to be installed at distances of up to 1km per host.


Each BMB01 provides an additional:

  • 12 analogue inputs (with monitoring option)
  • 12 digital (opto-isolated) inputs
  • 12 digital (open collector) outputs


For more information on the BMB01, download some of our datasheets or contact us.