The EMS range of EN54-certified emergency microphones provide live and pre-recorded message broadcasting.

The base EMS01 unit operates as an ‘all-call’ device, with simple expansion to 10 or 20 button in the same unit (the EMS10 and EMS20). More buttons can be added for particularly large systems.

The microphone and buttons are housed in a red lockable and hard-duty wall-mounted box, and features a graphic LCD display.


EN54 Certification

As part of ASL’s EN54-certified Voice Alarm solution, the EMS microphone provides a straightforward route to compliance in systems which require manual control of the Voice Alarm system.

Dual Analogue Outputs

 For systems requiring high levels of redundancy, the EMS has twin analogue outputs driven from separate internal amplifiers, allowing it to be connected to either an A/B VIPEDIA-12 system, or in high availability applications – to two VIPEDIA-12’s in the same rack.

EN54 Mandatory Indicators & Controls

All EMS microphones provide EN54-compliant emergency functions, mandatory indicators and controls – especially useful in applications where the indications provided by the VIPEDIA-12 are not accessible at the appropriate EN54 access level.

Expansion Modules


The optional EMX30 expansion module allows up to 30 additional buttons to be connected to the main EMS unit. The EMS base unit with EMX30 can be ordered as the EMS50.


For more information on the EMS microphone, download some of our datasheets or contact us.