IP PA Solution in a single unit

The iPAM400 is a complete IP-enabled Public Address solution in a single box. It combines 400W of power amplification that can be divided into four channels with local audio and IP input capability, message storage, an optional text to speech engine and loudspeaker line monitoring. As such, the iPAM400 is often installed in smaller railway stations or in a campus type installation with a number of remote buildings controlled from a central location.

DC and AC Line Monitoring

By offering both DC and AC line monitoring, the iPAM400 is very flexible for both new projects where DC monitoring can be used by ensuring new loudspeakers are equipped with DC blocking capacitors or in a retrofit system where existing loudspeakers do not have DC blocking capacitors and can therefore work with impedance based AC monitoring only. Loudspeaker line monitoring is a powerful maintenance tool when sites are remote – it’s vital to know if messages are actually being heard.


ASL’s VIPA-OS runs on the iPAM400 allowing it to be part of a large IP based system able to send and receive audio streams from other devices on the LAN or WAN. It also means that the iPAM400 can work with ASL’s DVA02 and Long Line Public Address iVENCS workstations. Using this combination the ASL iPAM has been installed across a whole country with a single central control position handling messages both pre-recorded and live over a 1500 mile long network.

Local DVA Store

There is a DVA store onboard the iPAM400 sufficient to store thousands of messages either complete or in fragments to work with concatenating software or as part of a text to speech solution. As such the iPAM is a very powerful solution for systems where messages can not be readily pre-determined or contained to only a handful of available messages.

Drives Passenger Information Displays (PIDS)

Where transport passengers need visual information as well as audio, the iPAM400 can control PIS displays via serial port and in conjunction with suitable software can drive the same messages onto the screens as it is broadcasting via loudspeakers.

Configuration Tool

The iPAM400 uses its own VCT configuration tool to set up all the parameters for the system. The VCT can be directly linked to the iPAM400 or settings can be remotely updated once the system has been initialized and set up. Training courses are available at ASL on the VCT configuration tool. By arrangement, such courses can also take place at customer premises.

TTS Engine

ASL licenses the Acapela text to speech engine which can then be driven from suitable text to speech software including ASL’s iVENCS. Multi-lingual messaging is possible with many languages available.


MX100, MX200, MX400 amplifier modules

The iPAM400 has a total power output of 400W. This can be divided into any combination of 100W, 200W and 400W modules not to exceed the 400W total. The amplifiers offer 100V line output and are conservatively rated – offering in fact 125W, 250W and 500W from the modules whilst the iPAM400 is mains powered.

Local Inputs and Expansion Module (XI001)

There are two local inputs for ASL microphones in addition to the IP audio input and these inputs can be assigned different priorities as needed. There is also an expansion card XIO002 which provides 2 more audio inputs and 4 line level audio outputs that can then feed additional external amplifiers.


For more information on the iPAM and its components, download some of our datasheets or contact us.