iVENCS CCTV adds CCTV control and monitoring to iVENCS, to enhance an operators view of their building status with offering improved asset management for CCTV. Image viewing and recording controls include cause and effect integration with all other subsystems including those for fire safety, help points and access control.

Event-Driven CCTV

Events occurring in other subsystems cause CCTV images of the affected area to be displayed automatically to the user at the iVENCS workstation, to give the user a clear view of the situation. There is also the option to select and record the CCTV live stream for later playback and investigation. Cause and effect rules can be set up where the viewpoint of a certain CCTV camera can be automatically displayed onscreen to the iVENCS user in the instance of a particular event occurring in that location, such as whenever an operator answers a Help Point call.



3D Click-to-View

If an incident has occurred on site, or someone has been reported as behaving suspiciously, the user can use the Click to View feature, to display the affected area onscreen and track the suspect throughout the iVENCS 3D model of the building or site.

Whilst in CCTV Tracker mode, the user can select any part of the 3D model and the views from all of the CCTV cameras that cover the selected area will be displayed at the workstation’s video wall or directly on the user’s iVENCS screen. The seamless nature of the 3D model greatly simplifies the visualisation of the site, without needing to switch between numerous floors as a suspect moves throughout the building.

Monitor and Video Wall Control

Feeds from each CCTV camera can be displayed on video walls, on workstation monitors, and even on windows within the iVENCS user interface. This allows greater flexibility in the way users view CCTV imagery, whether space be lacking for multiple monitors, or if comprehensive visual coverage of the site is a priority.



‘Walk the Route’ Sequences

Users can create Walk the Route camera sequences, in which a series of different cameras are cycled through and viewed one at a time, allowing the user to keep a constant watch of the site. Sequences once created can be saved for future playback within iVENCS, a feature that can prove useful in the event of investigation into an incident.

Manual Camera Selection

As well as automated camera controls and sequences, users can manually click and select CCTV cameras directly on the iVENCS 3D model. Cameras can also be selected from a list, by searching their location or description, and by clicking directly on the video wall. The movement of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) can also be controlled directly from within iVENCS.

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