No situation requires a more urgent response that a fire event. On a large public site, especially during busy periods, public safety is paramount.

iVENCS Fire gives building managers complete monitoring and control over fire detection and safety systems and devices including smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire control panels, for comprehensive fire risk and incident management. Where time is of the essence, automated control aids site managers to respond quickly and efficiently to a fire event.

Visual Fire Management

iVENCS Fire can automatically switch to the area the 3D model to where a fire device has been activated to begin immediate investigation.

iVENCS-FIRE provides the full capabilities of the iVENCS 3D User Interface for monitoring a Fire Alarm System for faults and alarms, and allows the operator to easily manage a fire incident. The 3D UI is far superior to traditional 2D UIs – enabling the operators to visualise a fire and its surroundings, and the ability to integrate the site Voice Alarm and other systems such as CCTV give unparalleled control of an emergency.

On alarm, the 3D UI will automatically zoom to display the evacuation zone where the device has been activated. In addition the UI will show the relevant muster and fire control points.

Immediate Response

With iVENCS Fire, operators are given a longer response time possible. Users are alerted to an event as soon as it occurs and are directed to the location of the event. Automated cause and effect responses for fire incident scenarios can be set up in advance, so if a particular device were to be activated, the site’s operational or evacuation plan is automatically kick-started and operators are guided on-screen as to their required actions according to a pre-set plan to aid calm management of the incident.

And for larger sites that require collaboration in the event of a fire incident, an inter-user message board allows operators to communicate in quick time to ensure incident management and evacuation happens swiftly and safely.

Fire System Maintenance

A maintainer’s area provides dedicated functions for a fire alarm system’s maintenance team. A comprehensive list of all fire devices along with their statuses, cause and effect rules and integration settings allows operators to quickly view a device, makes changes and disable devices all from one workstation.

For all fire devices on the site, a maintainer’s log shows operators and engineers a view of all recorded maintenance activities, previous faults and status histories to help speed up maintenance procedures and device checks.


Module Integration

The iVENCS Fire module can be combined with other modules for comprehensive site management.

The iVENCS Public Address module when combined with iVENCS Fire allows operators to manually evacuate an area via microphone broadcast when a fire has been detected, directly to the affected area and straight from the workstation. When joined with iVENCS CCTV, workstations can be set to automatically display and direct the operator to a fire incident detected by a CCTV camera as it occurs, allowing real-time view of the fire event for immediate visual feedback on the severity of the situation.

In the event of a fire, every second is critical. iVENCS aids site managers in quickening response times and achieving affective incident management that greatly reduces the risk of asset loss, property damage and personal injury.

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