iVENCS Help Points

iVENCS Help Points provides complete management and control Help Points across a site, station or building. With iVENCS’ intuitive 3D user interface and a dedicated onscreen sidebar, users have quick and easy access to all the tools required to manage and control a Help Points system.

Call Queue, Hold and Transfer

The Help Points sidebar gives users a quick overview of all current calls, the call queue, and all calls that are currently put on hold. When combined with iVENCS Telecoms, the sidebar is shared between the Help Points and Telecoms systems to give the user a combined overview of all calls being made across the site without the need for separate windows.

The Help Point quick access sidebar enable users to make and receive calls, put calls on hold, transfer calls, and take calls from other iVENCS workstations. New calls can also be accepted while putting an existing call on hold, and all live calls are shown in a call queue and identified with priority colouring for easy visibility on which calls need immediate attention.


Inbuilt Address Book

iVENCS Help Points contains an inbuilt Address Book which enables the user to quickly and easily find contacts and make calls directly from within iVENCS. Incoming calls fetch data from the Address Book and displays the Caller ID, so the user knows who is calling and where the call is coming from. The Address Book has a search functionality and the option to apply filters, making it easy to search for and find particular locations or Help Points.

Call Log and Recording

The Call Log automatically keeps a record of all details of calls, such as what time it was received, where the call was made from, and who and where the call was made to. There is also the option to record the audio of all calls made and received, providing a log of precise and accurate data for auditing and review purposes.

3D Visualisation

When a call takes place between an iVENCS user and someone at a Help Point, then the Help Points will be identified and highlighted visually on the 3D model, so that the operator can see clearly where on the site the call is originating from. The operator can navigate the 3D model and zoom in on the location of any call which is currently in progress or in a call queue.

Integration with iVENCS CCTV provides the option to automatically route CCTV from a camera covering a particular Help Point, so the iVENCS user can see live footage what is happening at the Help Point at the point of the call being made.

Call Prioritisation

Incoming calls are prioritised according to their urgency. Calls are assigned a certain colour depending on their agreed priority level. For example, emergency and fire alert calls can be set to display with the colour red, whilst less urgent calls such as information requests could be set with a less prominent colour. Onscreen pop-up banners and audible sound alerts can also be set to display for incoming calls with high priority that require immediate attention and action.