Line and Station Management System

ASL’s enhanced iVENCS Line and Station Management System (LSMS) provides and entirely integrated distributed control system,  built upon ASL’s established iVENCS Control Software.

The LSMS provides the ability to control and monitor all aspects of Line, Depot, Station and On-Train systems with full integration with your Train Control and Signalling System. The LSMS can provide powerful Operational Control Centre (OCC) and local station workstations, plus Line Overview Video Walls which combine alarm and status reporting with CCTV views, and can also be combined with the signalling system’s line map. Integrating the iVENCS LSMS with your Train and Signalling Control system enables the trains to be managed at the required Safety Integrity Level, while IVENCS provides the operators at the OCC and at the stations with powerful and simple to use telecoms and security controls.


  • 3D and 2D Station and Train GUIs. Seamless control of systems and passenger movements – Wayside, and On-Train
  • Train and Signalling System Integration. Leveraging iVENCS’ open standards platform and advanced GUIs, to present train control status and alarms
  • Passenger and Customer Information System, PIS / CIS. Integrated Public Address and Information Displays – Wayside and On-Train
  • CCTV Viewing and Control – Wayside and On-Train
  • Help Points and Staff Telephones – Wayside and On-Train
  • Security – Access Control and Intruder Detection
  • SCADA, for all Wayside and On-Train systems – Lifts, Escalators, Pumps, Emergency Lighting, Depot Equipment, Points Heaters, Train Maintenance Systems, etc.
  • Fire Alarm and Voice Alarm Zone Status Reporting
  • Network End Point Monitoring
  • CCTV Line Overview Video Wall – Alarms and Live KPI Performance Reporting
  • Remote Condition Monitoring for all Wayside and On-Train equipment – Interfacing to your Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAMS)
  • Integrated Training System – Full simulated environment with trainer’s and trainees’ workstations.

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