iVENCS Passenger Information Display Systems

The iVENCS Passenger Information Display Systems module is an integrated application providing synchronised and seamless control of displays around an entire site, including PIS or PIDS (Passenger Information Display Systems) found on platforms and at stations, FIDS (Flight Information Display Systems) found at airports, and advertising displays typically found in retail malls, supermarkets and shopping centres.

Integrated Display and Public Address

The iVENCS Passenger Information Display System module provides live speech, pre-recorded public address messages and textual display messages, live operator announcements, the delivery of automated scheduled announcements, and multi-lingual messaging. The module also automatically coordinates audible public address announcements with travel information shown on display screens across the site.



Control Many Display Types

The iVENCS Passenger Information Display Systems module drives a variety of displays from full graphic displays to traditional dot-matrix displays, with all display types being driven by the same system and the displayed data being automatically formatted for each type of display.

The displays around the site are driven by iVENCS workstations using HDMI or DVI interfaces. RS485 dot matrix displays can be driven directly from ASL VIPEDIA-12 IP audio routers, providing an integrated public address and displays control solution.

Infotainment & Advertising Control

The iVENCS Passenger Information Display Systems module offers infotainment, advertising, video streams, graphics and live web content to be displayed on screens site-wide.

The Infotainment Scheduler provides users easy control of the infotainment and advertising display schedules for each of the displays. Advertising campaigns can be created within iVENCS, with the ability to set configurable intervals or pre-set times for a specific date range, across any zone or on any particular displays.

The Advertising Log confirms which content has been displayed on which displays, when, and how long for. The logged times include allowances for times when an advertising video has been interrupted by a higher priority announcement on the public address system. It also records the dates and times when certain displays have been non-operational and unable to display pre-arranged advertising.

Easy User Editing

The iVENCS Passenger Information Display Systems module allows users to easily configure the layout of each display screen, with the flexibility to choose which blocks and widgets, whether it be live news and travel feeds, videos, or graphics, is shown where on each the display screens.

Workstation Display Mirroring

With iVENCS Passenger Information Display Systems, users can select a certain display screen situated somewhere on site, and can mirror the live display that is currently being shown on the display screen directly onto the iVENCS workstation screen, providing users with an easy and quick way of checking displays are showing the correct and relevant information.

Voice Alarm Integration

iVENCS Passenger Information Display Systems provides the ability to make manual operational announcements, and to play emergency alert and evacuation messages. iVENCS constantly checks the status of the local voice alarm system. If an emergency evacuation is triggered or an audible alert broadcast is made, displays within the affected voice alarm zone will automatically fill the entire display screens with an appropriate emergency message, giving people in the danger zone both audible and visual alerts and direction, quickening response and evacuation times. And for added peace of mind, emergency messages will continue to display on screens even if the system’s server or the IP network has failed.

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