Monitoring, Control and Data Acquisition

iVENCS Telecoms is an add-on module to the main iVENCS Core solution, and offers full control of the building’s telecoms system.

The Telecoms module shows the operator current call details, along with the call queue and details of all calls that are  placed on hold at any one time. When used with iVENCS Help Points, the sidebar is then shared between Help Point and Telephone systems.

Address Book

iVENCS Telecoms provides users with an easily accessible and searchable “Address Book”, where calls can be made directly from the address book which takes the user less time to make a call and also removes room for error when manually typing in a telephone number. The address book can be searched and filtered in order to find particular personnel or locations to find the appropriate telephone numbers.

The Address Book also identifies incoming calls by matching the Caller ID with stored contacts, displaying the ID to the operator so they immediately know who the call is coming from.

3D UI Integration

When a call is in progress between a workstation and a phone, the remote location is indicated on the 3D interface, where users can zoom in on the 3D interface to the location of any call currently in progress or in the call queue, giving a visualisation as to where the call is coming from in the building.

Queue, Hold and Transfer

Onscreen controls enable operators to make, receive and transfer calls, to put calls on hold, and to receive calls directly from another iVENCS workstation, all at the click of a button. New calls can be accepted while putting an existing call on hold, and all live calls are shown onscreen in a call queue.

Call Log and Recording

iVENCS Telecoms includes a Call Log, which automatically keeps a record details of every call, including when it was made, where from and who to. There is also an option to automatically record calls, useful for monitoring and auditing purposes.

Quick Dial buttons

Quick Dial buttons on the screen provides users with quick access to commonly dialed numbers, which can be easily set up and changed by users.