Perforated TILE Ceiling Speaker

  • For use with perforated tile ceilings
  • Provides invisible solution in offices
  • Sturdy anti slip metal front with IP21C rating
  • Adhesive corners prevent vibration
  • Certified EN54-24


ASL’s perforated ceiling speaker is the ideal solution for perforated ceilings, where the speaker can be placed directly on the ceiling and out of sight. Sound is dispersed through the perforated holes, with the speaker fitted with adhesive corners for stability. The speaker is ingress protection rated to IP21C, and for additional reliability a thermal fuse is provided and the speaker chassis is damp-resistant.



Product Code
Power (W)
Voltage (V)
Adjustment Power Tappings
EN54 certified?
SPCG-06W-65-EN546W100V6W, 3W, 1.5W6.5″ / 165mm diameter


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