ASL’s VAR routers are voice alarm routers ideal for use in smaller projects.

VAR routers are EN54-16 certified and can be used with a wide range of current and legacy ASL peripherals, and are also backwards compatible with earlier pre-EN54 VAR routers.

Available models: VAR4, VAR8, VAR12, and VAR20.

 V400 compatible

The VAR routers work exclusively with V400 amplifier mainframes using a MODBUS protocol to route audio and collect system fault information including the amplifier and loudspeaker monitoring.

Long-lasting EN54 design

VAR routers were ASL’s first EN54-16 certified voice alarm controllers. Designed around 2005, they were updated to meet the needs of the new standard in 2010 still offering a full matrix facility with DVA storage and RS232/RS485 options.

ANS processing

Ambient noise sensing is enabled on the VAR routers, which will work with ANS04 series sample and hold sensors. The connection to the sensor is monitored in accordance with the requirements of the standards. To add ambient noise sensing to a system controlled by a VAR4, a BMB01 interface is needed. This takes the output from the sensor and converts that to a RS485 format readable by the VAR router.


VAR routers offer a reasonable amount of Digital Voice Announcement (DVA) storage suitable for evacuation and alert messages. The messages are monitored in accordance with the requirements of the stnadards to ensure that any corruption of the message is reported as a fault. The VAR4 can hold four messages of 55s per message. Larger models can house up to 12 messages.

GPIO onboard

VAR routers include up to 52  input and output interfaces for fire alarm and other use. If more contact type inputs are needed, then a BMB01 can further enhance the numbers available. Having so many contacts available ensures that a complex cause and effect can be readily implemented from a fire detection system.

Configuration tool

The VAR configuration tool has a simple drop down method that allows the programmer to achieve the complex needs of a voice alarm system with simply presented drop down menus. This technique helps to ensure that the programming does meet the needs of the standards for voice alarm. Training courses are available on the VAR series routers which include detailed training on the use of the configuration tool.

Hardware bypass

There is always a concern that your VAR router may be damaged or fail preventing the broadcast of an emergency message. To minimize any risk, VAR series routers  can offer hardware bypass – a method that allows an emergency microphone to call directly to all zones bypassing all of the electronic processing in the VAR router.


For more information on VAR routers, download some of our datasheets or contact us.