The VIPEDIA-12-PRO is the heart of ASL’s rack-based Public Address, Voice Alarm and Commercial Audio system.

With the VIPEDIA-12-PRO you can:

  • Directly connect microphones, music players or any external audio sources.
  • Load emergency messages into monitored on-board audio storage.
  • Combine with our range of V2000 or V400 class-D amplification.
  • Interface to your fire or other life-safety system.

The unit takes care of monitoring every part of the system, from microphone to loudspeaker, whilst simultaneously routing high quality audio where it’s needed.

EN54-16 Certified

Our flagship VIPEDIA-12-PRO router enables you to deliver safe and reliable systems with the confidence you would expect from a manufacturer with over 20 years’ voice alarm experience.

Simple Expansion

It’s easy to expand both centralised and decentralised VIPEDIA-12-PRO systems. Quickly link two, three or 4 units to expand from 12 to 48 zones with off-the-shelf cables.


With the VIPEDIA-NET-4GB network card added and Ethernet switches, multiple rack locations can be linked to decentralise your system, whilst maintaining complete control from any point.

Professional Sound

Using audio processing hardware found in the professional sound industry makes VIPEDIA-12-PRO a truly multi-purpose device. From stadium to train station, hotel or office building; our systems can deliver.

For more information on the VIPEDIA-12-PRO, download some of our datasheets or contact us.