ASL Secure Loop

The VIPEDIA-NET-4GB network card provides a twelve audio channel gateway between VIPEDIA-12 systems. When combined with the NETWORK-SWITCH module, it enables ‘ASL Secure Loop’ decentralised Voice Alarm systems to be created. Links between systems can be made using industry standard Ethernet copper cable or fibre. ASL Secure Loop supports:

  • Up to thirty-two VIPEDIA-12 per network
  • Six input and six output audio channels per VIPEDIA-NET-4GB network card



In addition to decentralising the PAVA system, the VIPEDIA-NET-4GB also runs our advanced Public Address software ‘VIPA’; enabling other VIPA enabled devices such as the VIPA-WS PC paging station and iVENCS control system to control the Public Address system. VIPA supports:

  • Storage for 4GB of audio messages
  • PAVA system NTP time sync
  • Generation of fragment based messages
  • Message queuing

EN54 Certification

Certified to EN54-16 and approved by LPCB, VIPEDIA-NET-4GB and ASL Secure Loop provide a straightforward route to compliance for large or complex decentralised systems.

Simple Configuration

It’s as simple to configure thirty VIPEDIA-12’s as it is to configure three; the complex routing and allocation of audio channels is managed dynamically in the background by our software – not with complex static channel configuration like some systems. Simply request a broadcast – and we handle everything else.

Fast Integration

The VIPA-OS software stack can be easily controlled using ‘VIPA-SIL’; a simple software library. With VIPA-SIL, it’s quick and easy to interface third party software such as automatic announcement systems or PC-based GUI’s to make broadcasts, trigger message playback, get fault information, and much more.


For more information on the VIPEDIA-NET-4GB, download some of our datasheets or contact us.