The VRMS04 microphone is a vandal resistant paging microphone with IP65 rated stainless steel housing. The VRMS04 can be fitted with either a handheld fist microphone or a flexible gooseneck microphone, and is designed to be flush mounted within a wall, desk, podium or a console.

Status Indication

Four zone selection switches are provided, each having a ‘Busy’ LED and a ‘Select’ LED with button annotation provided behind a sturdy glass window, accompanied by a single ‘Press To Talk’ switch and associated ‘Speak Now’ LED.

User Adjustment

An in-built signal limiting automatic gain control is provided to help compensate for varying operator technique, while a voice level bargraph is provided to help users to talk at the required level.

PAVA Interfacing

A processor within the microphone interfaces all LEDs and switches to the public address and voice alarm system through a serial interface, while microphone audio is provided as a balanced 0 dBu (nominal) analogue signal. All connections are provided through Cat5 STP cabling terminated with an RJ45 connector.

Circuit Monitoring

The microphone’s processor is also responsible for generating an outgoing low-frequency surveillance tone, which is used to monitor the audio connection, while microphone capsule monitoring is performed by injection and monitoring of a signal such that either open or short circuit of the capsule or associated wiring will indicate a fault.


For more information on the VRMS04 microphone, download datasheets or contact us.