ASL Event Viewer ImageEVENT VIEWER

ASL’s Event Viewer is a software based application for recording essential maintenance and diagnostic information from ASL’s VIPEDIA or INTEGRA based PAVA systems.

Event Viewer provides regular status reporting, recording events and triggers to create comprehensive data logs to provide instant system status reporting. Generated reports can be viewed locally or remotely via a friendly graphical user-interface.


Event Viewer works across single site or multi-site locations, simplifying maintenance activities and providing records of announcements, contact triggers, systems faults and user access logs in real time.

Regular reports can be harvested by Event Viewer and exported for analysis in MS Excel® and other applications.


Event Viewer provides remote collection, storage and access to site system data. Remote access removes the need for site visits for gathering system information.

System monitoring is second nature in Event Viewer as each site’s system status is instantly visible.

Data collection for obligatory reporting is painless with Event Viewer installed.

Real time logs provide post event forensic reporting of:

• All system announcements (origin and destination)

• All system contact triggers, for example: fire panel contacts

• All system faults

• All user access to the system (configuration changes, updates etc)

Once configured Event Viewer works in real time in the background.

“Event Viewer is an essential tool that makes real time system monitoring and maintenance much easier to manage. With events recorded in real-time, operation, performance and maintenance of life safety systems becomes much more transparent”.

“System data collects automatically in real-time to provide monitoring, performance and trend analysis. Heaps of data is instantly visible and available for forensic review post event’,

Henry Rawlins, Application Manager, ASL